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Diagnosis of shrink in farm animal feed manufacturing factories


In animal feed, shrink is essentially related to the raw materials entering into the composition of feed and their processing. Here the practical approach includes effective measures (weighing, moisture measurement, inventories etc.) and theoretical calculations (stock estimations, estimation of moisture in the absence of measurement etc.) Shrink is estimated at 0.8% of feed mass produced, therefore a shortfall of more than 40 million Euros/year in France.
In practice, the origin of shrink is multifactorial. It is therefore difficult for industrialists to establish a strategy and a consistent action plan in order to manage it. Part of shrink also has an environmental impact, through the creation of ordinary industrial waste of which the destruction has a cost which requires limiting. Paradoxically, there is little public data about shrink for which correct management is a competitive advantage. Company knowledge of industrial players therefore limited the interest in collective research until now. However, the interest in this problem is currently stimulated by the increase and variability of the price of raw materials, complexification of production methods, increasing automation and partial shrink of know-how relating to renewal of generations.
The programme aims for rapid technical diagnosis to enable industrialists to target the most productive approaches for reducing shrink.


Creation of a practical industrial diagnosis tool enabling managers in the sector to study action priorities on site more easily and to establish a management strategy. The programme will make it possible to:

  • • update industrial findings
  • • carry out test campaigns and measurements according to French manufacturing conditions
  • • offer, to the sector as a whole, a practical diagnostic industrial methodology for shrink, suited to the animal nutrition sector

Technical partners

Tecaliman / Oniris

Financial partners

Tecaliman - Région Pays de la Loire

Action programme

Phase 1. "On-site HACCP surveys"

The HACCP method, applied to 5 volunteer industrial sites (mainly in Pays de la Loire), will make it possible to make an exhaustive search into sources of shrink.
On-site studies will take place in around 10 meetings.

Phase 2. "On-site tests and measurements"

Tests and measurements will be carried out on phase 1 volunteer sites, but also on other sites.
They will cover:

  • The study of hydric assessments for specific grinding or pelleting production stations, but also overall hydric assessments carried out on feed formulas selected
  • Feed temperature measurements
  • Study of meteorological conditions and impact on the variation in feed moisture during manufacture or storage
  • Collection and processing of internal factory data: inventories, stock status, manufacturing reports, volume and cost of waste treatment, …

Certain actions and measurements required will be decided in phase 1.

Phase 3. "Creation of an industrial diagnostic tool"

An industrial diagnostic tool will be created on the basis of the data and knowledge collected during the two previous phases. The tool will cover a series of questions/findings on those themes considered to be essential. The responses to the questions brought by the site personnel or found by the auditor can be noted at several levels. The average of the levels per theme will make it possible to establish a rapid diagnosis and to establish priority actions.

Phase 4. "Creation of an industrial diagnostic tool"

The diagnoses will be tested on the sites having taken part in phase 1, and on 4 new sites selected as a priority in the Pays de la Loire.


2011 to 2013


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Industrial correspondent

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State of progress

The first three HACCP studies are underway.

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