Assessment of the sanitary status of an industrial site


  • Detection of the cause of microbial contamination of feed on site
  • Constructive assessment of the impact of cleaning and disinfection practices


Initial assessment

  • Study of the type of problem encountered
  • Definition of the objective of the assessment
  • Collection of information on the methods of production and previous results
  • Preparation of the assessment campaign: creation of a sampling protocol where applicable

During the assessment

  • Site inspection
  • Assessment of the condition and cleanliness of production tools (technical data sheet no. 40)
  • Sampling campaign (if necessary)
  • On-site oral assessment


  • Study of the microbiological results and evaluation of cleanliness
  • Edition of an expert report
  • Establishment of industrial recommendations

Example of results

Deposit sampling for detection of enterobacteria in a factory with passage in Salmonella (black bars) after pelleting

Recommendations :

  • Corrective disinfection
  • Intensification of cleaning frequency of the press/cooler and cooler conduct
  • Examination of the other pelleting lines in the factory

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Evaluation of the bacteriolytic effectiveness of a treatment line


  • Demonstration of the effectiveness of bacterial decontamination of feed by a pelleting line
  • Demonstration of the effectiveness of bacterial decontamination of feed by a thermal treatment line for clients and control bodies
  • Study of microbial recontamination on a treatment line



  • Possible determination of the decontamination scale to be applied to the test
  • Concerted drafting of the test protocol according to the objective (number of samples, sampling points, feed to be tested etc.)
  • Observance of rules established in technical data sheet no. 67

During the test

  • Call out for organization and management of tests on site
  • Sampling before and after treatment with the help of the factory staff
  • Sampling possible directly after treatment
  • Contact by telephone if in doubt (if information before the date of the test)


  • Reconditioning of samples (separation, grouping)
  • Dispatch of samples in insulated packaging to the test laboratory for bacteria count
  • Physical analysis of the meal tested (particle size testing, bulk density, angle of repose, moisture content)
  • Physical analysis of the pelleted feed (durability, moisture content etc.)
  • Edition of a test report
  • Evaluation of the results with the industrialist

Example of results

Qualification of the bacteriolytic effect of a pelleting line :

  • Approved 3 log reduction in enterobacteria flora on the pelleting line: treatment compliant
  • Recontamination demonstrated in the cooler: finished feed product non compliant

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