Technical resources


Equipment for the collection of data and processing of the data in the industrial pilot workshop : grinders, mixers, preses

  • Plough share or ribbon mixers, 2 kg to 100 kg load, addition of additives to meal
  • Concrete mixer-type blender, 10 kg load, pellet liquid coating
  • 100 liter blade mixer, 5 to 80 kg loads
  • Rotary ring die press, batches of 200 to 300 kg (300 kg/h)
  • Disc-shaped die press, 20 kg batches (30kg/h)
  • Hydrothermic treatment per load : plough share mixer with steam injection and double jacket, 20 kg batches.

Laboratory : product characteristic measurement

  • Sieving
  • Bulk packed density (Hausner ratio)
  • Angle of repose
  • Moisture
  • Hardness and durability
  • Colorimetric analysis of the microtracer (Evaluation of homogeneity, particle segregation and cross-contamination)


Industrial equipment
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