Topic 1 - Key processes


  • Conditioning before pelleting
  • Pelleting of feed presenting a high liquid levels
  • Coating at this exist of the press pelleter
  • Pelleting die
  • Efficiency of binding agents


  • Screen / size distribution and grinders yield
  • Wheat grinding ability test


  • Using a micro-mixer
  • Evaluation of the mix homogeneity by the Near Infra Red Method
  • Test methods for feed homogeneity
  • Filling up level of a mixer and of the homogenization time
  • Stability of the homogeneity
  • New methods for tracing the homogeneity of the mixtures levels of carry-over

Steam treatment

  • Residence time measurement
  • Bacteriolytic efficiency


  • Optimization according to layer height and air velocity

Improvements in the nutritional value of products by technology

  • Process optimization for pea-rapeseed mixtures treatment
  • Valorization of plant proteins by technological treatments


  • Storage and conservation of compound feed in silos

Topic 2 - Writing of guideline books

  • Equipment specification notebooks for purchase
  • Performance control of processes
  • Backfitting Guideline Book for equipments (French Decree 93-40)
  • Backfitting Guideline Book for steam generators and boiler rooms (France)
  • Prescription synthesis “Classified equipments” for the french feed industry
  • Application Guideline Book for the French “Silo” ministerial order of July 29th 1998
  • Guideline Books for fires and explosions prevention
  • Guideline books for application of environment management in feed industry

Topic 3 - Quality and product charaterization

  • Raw material sampling during unloading of trucks
  • Setting-up of characterization tests for raw materials upon factory reception
  • Comparison of measurement of physical characteristics of powders
  • Comparison of the measurement methods of the particle size distribution
  • Precision of measurement methods of pellet cohesion (ardness, friability).

Topic 4 - Control of use of additives in animal feed

  • HACCP and industrial trials to risk assesment for identification of risks linked to feed additive utilization
  • Setting up of a reference method to study the technological behaviour of additives (mixing, demixing, Carry-over, flow behaviour…)
  • Carry-over: Methodology, repeatability, batch size, number of batch, Additive concentration, …
  • New methods for tracing the homogeneity and levels of carry-over
  • New analytical method of microtraceurs in various matrix : Feed, pellets, mineral feed, premixes, …
  • Carry-over measurement in feed delivery trucks

Topic 5 - Microbial contamination

  • Identification of contamination sources in feed mills
  • Heat processes (Steam, pellets)
  • Qualification method of bacteriolytic effect of processes
  • Method to control the microbiological conditions in feed mills
  • Combined effect of acidifiers and heat treatments
  • Cleaning and disinfection of machines
  • Microbial contamination of delivery trucks

Topic 6 - Control of energy consumption

  • Bi-annual monitoring of energy performances of feed mills
  • Carbon balance of animal nutrition
  • Guide to performing an energy audit