The dosing step is often assimilated with the single weighing operation of solid compounds in a “weighting” bin on which weighing sensors are positioned.

In fact, to obtain an animal feed, weighing operations spread throughout the compound feed production process.

Thus, if the solid macro-ingredients are dosed at high flow rates and weighed over large hopper mounted on load cells, micro-ingredients and minerals (salt, carbonate, …) can be measured and weighed on separate units micro-dosing or by hand in bag dumping step. In this case, the small quantities of products typically join the macro-ingredients flow in the mixing operation.

Liquid may be incorporated in the mixer, downstream of the mixer (molasses mixer) at the conditioner or release coating on the pellets.

On some compound feed industries, additives or medicated powders (medicated feed production) at low incorporation rates, even incorporated at the production end, just before loading with adding liquid.

Dosing should not be confused with the raw materials weighing. It aims to get the right quantities of each raw material needed to approach closer to the formula provided by the formulator. This dosing operation therefore involves two elements : dosing and weighing.

Dosing is the process that manages the supply and distribution of products flow based on feedback from weighing sensors.

We deduce that the weighing element is a container or bin on weighing sensor which will be in accordance with the desired weight and the desired accuracy.

However, there may exist multiple dosing systems but the screws conveyors integrated into the bottom of the storage silo are usually used.

To stop the flow at the dosing end of fluidity product, we can see either fast reverse of the screw thread either a physical filling by shutter or trap at the end of the screw. Very frequently, the change in rotation speed of the screw will be used as a supplement to promote performance and accuracy.

Sometimes, down weighing on hopper can reconcile the two operations (dosing and weighing) in a single device.

The number of weighing bins may vary from one plant to another. The more important their number will be, the shorter dosing operation for simultaneous weighing it will be.