Tecaliman only works on the improvement of industrial performances with guidelines of costs, savings of energies, respect of the environment or Feed/food safety.

For this purpose, Tecaliman tries to be a technical interface between the industrial worlds, the scientists and the legislature.

Collective works are elaborated and monitored under the supervision of Industrial Technical Committees (ITC) after recommendations of the Scientific and Technical Council (STC).

The results of this collective work are disseminated in the form of datasheet or summary reports (Special Bulletin).

The turnover canceled is of the order of 900 k €.

Our values

Our founding values are shared by all our members and form the platform for our development.

  • The quest for progress : working to improve the means for production and the profitability of industrial producers through projects to further innovation
  • Independence
  • A sense of sharing : all our research efforts are guided by exchanges communication, and listening
  • Respect : for our members, the law, nature, people and animals.

The commitments of the Tecaliman technical center

Tecaliman is committed to serving all its members and is organised to :

  • Deliver high levels of skills and expertise that are independent and impartial,
  • Respect the interests of its members,
  • Contribue to technological excellence and innovation,
  • Transfer the technological know-how of the industry and contribute to the specialised training of its members,
  • Facilitate contact, exchanges and cooperation between the players in the sector and in associated sectors,
  • Possess suitable technical ressources,
  • Reserve the primacy of the results of collective research for its members,
  • Protect the confidentiality of specific and individual services, and the location of experiments,
  • Pursue a policy of sustainable decelopment,
  • Be recognised by and become a reference of the French and European authorities.

Download the Commitments of Tecaliman technical centre :

The Tecaliman commitments