Why become a member ?

Working and communicating with your business sector

  • Become a member of a professional network and make direct contact with others members of your business sector (materials and additives suppliers, competitors, partners etc. )
  • Become an active member of the organization by joining our industrial committees or the board of directors, and take part in decision-making on the direction, design and practical implementation of Tecaliman programmes.
  • Help run a technical and scientific network woven by Tecaliman. Tecaliman is a member of several scientific and industrial organisations at local, regional, national and European level (Ligeriaa, Ponan tech, Actia, Sfgp, Atee, Eufetec).

Generating and using research

  • Pre-empt process management of the future by actively taking part in the creation of programmes in three pre-defined research areas.
  • Make your membership flourish it is only a fraction of the investments made each year by Tecaliman, providing you with access to private training, with special discounts for services tailored to individual needs.
  • Gain access to professional technological watch (more than 3,000 references) and to results of past and future studies according to theme (over 30 years).

Benefit from know-how

  • Create specific, personalised and confidential services tailored to your needs.
  • Benefit from discounts on all Tecaliman services (28 % savings compared to non-members) and R&D tax credit.
  • Independent advise for evaluation and control of industrial processes.
  • Take part in training at Tecaliman. Most courses are for members only.

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