Qui sommes-nous ?

Who are we ?

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Much more than just a research centre. A genuine technological interface.

Tecaliman is a key industry player between scientists, industrial manufacturers and the administration that supports syndicates. Tecaliman helps its members to gain a better command of their production processes.

TECALIMAN is a private technical center founded in April 1981 by and at the service of the French Feed Industry with the support of the local Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Mr. J. Delort Laval, Head of the Laboratory of Feed Technology of the Nantes INRA Centre.

TECALIMAN is established in Nantes, in the main feed producing regions of France, and is set up in the INRA Institute.

Since 1981, Tecaliman technical center has become a center of technical expertise to the profession and the administration on issues affecting the manufacturing unit (quality, environment, safety, energy, risk management).


From 1981 to 1989 :

Studies on key processes (grinding, pelleting, mixing, drying, cooling, technological processing of oilseeds).

From 1989 :

Studies on feed safety (additives, salmonella) and on the conditions of implementation of the most recent regulations.

Our organisation
  • An Board of trustees, only composed of members from the industry,
  • Different Technical Council composed of members of the industry and experts (INRA, CEMAGREF, ONIRIS) to identify the needs of the profession, study the projects, and monitor the progress and the orientation of the programmes.
  • An independent external accounting firm.
Financial means
An average annual budget of 550 000 €
  • Contracts for mutualized industrial research : 40 %
  • Services, Publications and technical income from service contracts : 40 %
  • Public research contracts 20 %
Tecaliman members
  • Service Firms and independent French and foreigner, representing 90% of the French feed production
  • Mineral feed suppliers
  • Suppliers for the feed industry (Machinery, and additive suppliers)
Our missions

Tecaliman's mission is to conduct research and development programmes, to keep a technology watch and to facilitate knowledge transfers in the field of animal nutrition technology. These missions allow our members to benefit from:

  • The means to optimise their process and productivity
  • Food safety
  • Respect of all applicable standards and anticipation of the technical application of future standards
  • Science serving industrial competitive performance

Work groups, comprising industrial manufacturers and experts, identify the needs of the profession, study projects, track their progress and direct programmes.

Our values

Our founding values are shared by all our members and form the platform for our development.

  • The quest for progress: working to improve the means of production and the profitability of industrial producers through projects to further innovation
  • Independence
  • A sense of sharing: all our research efforts are guided by exchanges, communication, and listening
  • Respect: for our members, the law, nature, people and animals
Our resources

The research centre is equipped with instrumentation to collect data in industrial manufacturing, pilot workshop (crushers, mixers, press pelleters, transfers, etc.) and laboratory environments. We can also call on the industrial facilities, laboratories and research centres of our members.

Our actions

The members of the association define the objectives and the content of our programmes. They may also be involved in the execution of our programmes (tests on industrial manufacturing sites).
Our services can be broken down into five general sectors:

  • General: pelleting and heat treatment tests, thematic works, diagnostics, behavioural and physical characterisations
  • Energy, safety and the environment
  • Homogeneity and cross-contamination
  • Microbial contamination control
  • Ring tests
Our history

Tecaliman, which was founded by the nutrition industry in 1981, is the only organization of its kind in the world. It was created to develop standard-setting technological skills and to meet the future needs of the industry. The technical centre has become an internationally-renowned centre of excellence, both for the profession and the public authorities, in all subjects related to production units, from quality and the environment, to safety, energy and risk management.

Our status

Tecaliman is an association that includes independent service providers and producers of foodstuffs from France and elsewhere, plus suppliers to the animal nutrition industry (materials, minerals and additives).
Its members produce 90% of the tonnage of feedstuffs for French livestock. The association is run by a team made up mainly of researchers.
The governing board, made up exclusively of industrial producers, keeps track of the financial situation and decides on the programmes and funding.

The commitments of the Tecaliman technical centre

Tecaliman is committed to serving all its members and is organised to:

  • Deliver high levels of skills and expertise that are independent and impartial
  • Respect the interests of its members
  • Contribute to technological excellence and innovation
  • Transfer the technological know-how of the industry and contribute to the specialised training of its members
  • Facilitate contact, exchanges and cooperation between the players in the sector and in associated sectors
  • Possess suitable technical resources
  • Reserve the primacy of the results of collective research for its members
  • Protect the confidentiality of specific and individual services, and the location of experiments
  • Pursue a policy of sustainable development
  • Be recognised by and become a reference for the French and European authorities
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