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Only a few reports are available for non-members. The reports are in French.

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No.Special Editions
1bis Specifications: Part 1: Hammer mill, mixer, liquid addition equipment, press, cooler, 1985
2 Influence of parameters on meal agglomeration, 1986
1bis(a) Specifications: Part 1: Hammer mill, mixer, liquid addition equipment, press, cooler, 1985
2(a) Influence of parameters on meal agglomeration, 1986
5bis(a) Energy consumption in the Animal Feed Industry in 1985, December, 1987
8(a) Raw material hydro-thermic treatments - Symposium 1988
8bis(a) Specifications: Part 2: Transfer equipment, press dies, press steam production, automation system, 1988
10(a) Processes for the improvement of animal feed pelleting – Symposium 1989
12(a) Microbiology and production of premix - Symposium 1990
13(a) Tracking waste... in feed production – Symposium 1991
13bis(a) Energy management in animal feed applications – Agence Française pour la maîtrise de l’énergie, September 1991
14(a) Quality management during premix manufacture – Symposium 1992
15(a) Animal feed in Europe – Symposium 1993
16(a) Control of unit operations in the animal feed industry - Part 1: General Method – Pressing - Hammer mills, 1993
18(a) Control of unit operations in the animal feed industry - Part 2: Dryer-cooler - Mixing, 1994
19(a) Oilseed processing and use in animal feed – Symposium 1994
21(a) Protection of the environment and safety in animal feed factories – Symposium 1995
21ter(a) Contribution to implementation of a benchmark method for evaluation of homogenization performance of mixers and levels of cross-contamination on animal feed industrial sites, (SYPRAM), June 1995
21(c) Guide for Standard Setting for Equipment in the Animal Feed Industry – Application of regulations concerning working equipment in service – 2nd edition, Sept. 1995
23(a) 1996 Symposium report:
- Consequences of animal feed manufacturer failings
- Project procedures: A method which integrates safety, the environment, quality and costs
- The 1996 TECALIMAN programme
- Management of production techniques and animal performance
- Safety of personnel during feed delivery
- Costs and optimisation of feed deliveries
26(a) New regulatory and contractual constraints in terms of food safety.. Consequences for factories, Symposium 1997
27(a) Managing energy in animal feed applications, 1997
31(a) Food safety for livestock product consumers, Symposium 1998
33(a) Use of poultry slaughterhouse by-products in animal feed, deriving from various treatment processes – TECALIMAN, GERNA, SYPRAM Partnership 1998
34(a) Sorption – desorption curves for various raw materials in animal feed, 1998 (INRA-Nantes)
35(a) Salmonella and livestock feed – prevention methods – Bibliographic summary, H. BEROFF, F. HUMBERT, AFSSA Ploufragan, 1999
36(a) Tecaliman Symposium 1999
39(a) Environmental diagnosis – Technical guide for the animal feed industry, 1999
41(b) Survey conducted in 1998/1999 on premix manufacturers, on test results following evaluation of homogeneity of mixtures and cross-contamination levels, 2000
42(a) Tecaliman Symposium 2000
43(c) Animal feed industry – Storage facilities – Guidelines, Order of 29 July 1998, March 2000
44(b) Environmental management guidelines – Technical guide for agro-food industries, 2000
51(a) TECALIMAN SYMPOSIUM 2003 (impairment of premix)
54(c) Animal feed industry – Order 2002-1553 of 24 December 2002 – Explosion risk assessment guidelines, June 2003
56(c) Guidelines for the evaluation of explosion risks and classification into hazardous site areas – Order 2002-1553 of 24 December 2002, November 2003
57(a) TECALIMAN SYMPOSIUM 2004, March 2004
58(a) TECALIMAN SYMPOSIUM 2005, March 2005
59(d) Guideline to the state-of-the-art in the animal nutrition industry, in relation to prevention of and protection from fire and dust explosion risks, May 2005
61(a) SYMPOSIUM TECALIMAN 2007, Mars 2007
62 Valorisation des protéines végétales par des traitements technologiques en alimentation animale chez les monogastriques - Programmes de recherche interrégionaux Bretagne - Pays de la Loire (2001-2004), Septembre 2007
63(a) SYMPOSIUM TECALIMAN 2008, Mars 2008
64 Analyse de la base de données des résultats d'homogénéité et de contaminations croisées de 1999 à 2005, collectées auprès des adhérents volontaires de Tecaliman, Juin 2008
65 Recherche de traceurs de mélange et de contaminations croisées, Octobre 2008
66(a) La Nutrition animale s'inscrit dans un projet de développement durable, SYMPOSIUM TECALIMAN, Mars 2009
67(a) Sur la trace des contaminations croisées, SYMPOSIUM TECALIMAN, Mars 2010
68 Amélioration de la technique d'analyse et des modalités d'usage du microtraceur, Octobre 2010
69(a) Imaginez la maîtrise technologique de demain, SYMPOSIUM TECALIMAN, Mars 2011
70 Guide d'aide à l'élaboration d'une étude de dangers, Novembre 2011
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